Zero Percent of Women in Private Equity Would Start Their Own Firm Due to Gender Bias

According to the 10th edition of Investec’s General Partner Trends survey zero percent of women said they would start their own firm if they left their current practice; this is down from 2.3 percent in the previous survey; women make up only 9.4 percent of senior positions in the industry and only 18 percent of the workforce according to Preqin; “We talk a lot about the progress that has been made, but the reality is that we’re not far enough that it’s ingrained in the DNA. It’s still a project, and this project can get sidelined, especially when it comes to gender pay gap reporting,” Deborah Sayagh, Investec Private Bank, said to Forbes; the survey also found 14.7 percent of women would rather start their own business outside the industry, compared to 11 percent of men; 8.2 percent of women would rather move out of financial services altogether, compared to 6.9 percent of men. Forbes

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