Would You Like to be Included in My Book?

I am currently writing not one, but two books. One will be focused on Lending Club and one will be an introductory p2p lending book about both Lending Club and Prosper. My intention is to provide these books in Kindle format on Amazon and have them available by the end of the year.

What I need are some investors willing to share their stories about why they decided to invest, how they discovered Lending Club or Prosper and what they think about it now. It will involve a 15-20 minute phone interview with me.

If you would like to be included then please let me know via my Contact Page and I will be in contact via email to set up a time to chat. What’s in it for you? Apart from the widespread fame you will no doubt experience you will get a free copy of the books.

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Dan B
Dan B
Oct. 3, 2012 11:24 pm

Can I just wait & be in the movie instead?? 🙂

Dan B
Dan B
Oct. 4, 2012 6:04 pm
Reply to  Peter Renton

I don’t want to personally be in the movie, since I know the camera does not “love” me.
I just want my “character” to be in the movie & a say as to who is cast in that role. A sort of advisory role, if you will. I’m thinking John Cusack could play me convincingly. Of course I’d also expect appropriate renumeration for that “advisory” role.