Wealth Management Industry Faces Digital Test

Every industry is facing struggles due to the current pandemic and financial services in particular is in the middle of a forced sea change; wealth management firms have long relied on face to face personal relationships to build trust and that is currently not an option; robo-advisors have a leg up on traditional managers due to their digital native styles, though their relationships trend to be more surface level and simple; incumbent wealth managers are spending time catching up on digital which also comes with a host of risks, especially for their older clientele; cybersecurity has risen to the top of concerns so clients can be protected from potential hackers; Chinese counterparts could help offer some lessons as they have been more digital savvy when it comes to serving wealthy clients; Savanta’s MillionaireVue survey showed that in the first quarter of the year, only two in three clients were very satisfied with their provider’s digital services, showing how much room there is left to improve. Financial Times

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