Was Intuit the Best Fit for Credit Karma?

In his weekly Forbes column Ron Shevlin of Cornerstone Advisors wonders if Intuit is the best fit to buy Credit Karma; there are some easy benefits to Credit Karma selling to Intuit, shareholders can cash out as public markets are not that attractive and many of their investors have been in for quite some time; Intuit has had a checkered history with acquisitions, Mint and Digital Insights are two that come to mind that did not work out; while there is a lot of potential with the deal there was some puzzling statements about allowing Credit Karma to operate as is inside Intuit; Shevlin makes the case that Amazon might be the best fit for Credit Karma as it could expand AWS’s services into financial services and double down on their consumer data trove with the amount of information under the hood at Credit Karma. Forbes

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