Visa’s Fast Track Program Provides Boost to Fintech Globally

Since expanding globally in 2019 Visa has grown their Fast Track program to include more than 140 fintech companies; the program allows companies to get on the Visa network quickly and boosts their potential for growth; “Our goal is to bring cutting-edge fintechs into the Visa ecosystem, to help them grow and scale their business in record time,” said Terry Angelos, SVP and Global Head of Fintech at Visa, to TearSheet. “Through programs like Fast Track, Visa is committed to helping fintechs, many of which are small businesses, advance their potential and get into market quickly.”; they now feature companies from Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America; three new enablement partners have also come on board, Cascade FinTech, Deserve and PEX Card; some of the companies have also been able to offer SMBs solutions to help them better handle the pandemic. TearSheet

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