VC’s Pull Back to Reassess but Investments Will Continue

According to data from CB Insights global venture capital funding into fintech dropped 45 percent from Q4 and 25 percent from Q1 2019; the U.S. market saw a small rise to $3.7bn in Q1, this is up from $3.6bn in Q1 last year; the crisis has a lot of VC’s sitting on the sidelines to reassess how they think about investing but many say there will be plenty of opportunities available; “This is an opportunity for VCs to create as much of an impact through fintech as we’ve seen over the past decade — likely even more so because the economic need is there — and banks have proven to not be able to meet all of those needs,” Brad Leimer, Co-Founder of Unconventional Ventures, said to American Banker.; video conferencing firms like Zoom have allowed company pitches to continue and in some cases pitches are happening more than ever before; CB Insights did warn that companies need to tighten their belts in the near term in particular since investors are fortifying cash positions until they understand where we are headed in the coming months. American Banker

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