Vanguard Launches Robo Service for Younger Investors

Vanguard has joined the growing trend of providing low cost advice for retirement with the launch of Digital Advisor; Digital Advisor is targeted towards younger investors and cuts out human advisors entirely; investors can pay for access to human advisors if they choose to do so; they move is part of a wider trend in digital wealth management with Charles Schwab and Betterment offering similar services; “The goal is to make advice more accessible,” said Jonathan Cleborne, a Principal at Vanguard, to the Wall Street Journal; with all the challenges younger generations have faced, from the 2008 financial crisis to the current pandemic, offering long term planning will help them to better prepare for the future; “The aim is to help investors answer key questions, such as, Am I saving enough? When can I afford to retire? How long will it take me to be debt free? And, Should I prioritize paying down debt or saving for retirement?” said Mindi Marisa, Head of Digital Advisor, to the WSJ. The Wall Street Journal

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