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Webinar poster

Upcoming Webinar: Account to Account Transfers: What Consumers Want and How To Make It Happen

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 12 PM ET

As faster payments become ubiquitous across industries, consumers expect the same real-time speed when transferring money between accounts that they own.

Whether they want to quickly transfer funds into their brokerage account to make a trade, or pull money from their savings to open a new account, consumers want to move their money in real-time.

Hear from industry experts on what is most important to consumers, and how to create a solution that meets and exceeds those needs.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • What consumers are saying about how they want to move their money, and when they need faster access to their own funds
  • How to close the gap between what customers want and what options are available
  • How real-time transfers can enhance the current user experience
  • The simplicity real-time account funding and withdrawal via debit card can provide

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John has been in the communications industry since graduating from Creative Communications at Red River College in Winnipeg in 1992.

He launched one of Canada's first digital-only local news sites called Winnipeg First in 2007, which led to a long stint as a digital editor with the Winnipeg Free Press. A similar gig followed at the Edmonton Journal.

In 2012 he joined Bankless Times as the managing editor, later becoming president and CEO. He and the other co-founders of Bankless Media Inc. completed their sale and exit in August of 2021.

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