Understanding Peer to Peer Lending Ebook Just Updated

Just a quick one today. If you read this blog on the web (as opposed to inside an RSS Reader) you will notice the free ebook, Understanding Peer to Peer Lending, in the right hand column. I just updated it with all the latest charts and information.

So, if you haven’t ordered your copy just enter your email address in the box in the right hand column and we will send it to you immediately. Or if you have already received a copy but want the latest version then send an email to peter (at) sociallending (dot) net with “updated ebook” in the subject and I will send you one right away.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Social Lending Network.

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Walker Hobbs
Walker Hobbs
Jun. 14, 2011 6:42 am

Enjoyed your Apr 2011 edition. Looking forward to the latest.