U.S. CEO of CTBC Bank Says We’re All Fintechs Now

CTBC Bank’s U.S. CEO says the pandemic has made everyone fintechs now; We’re all fintech firms now,” he told Business Insider. “It’s a profound change, but it turns out it wasn’t that hard. It just took an emergency … to focus the mind.”; the crisis will change how banks view fintechs and how they view their own companies when it comes to technology; “Now, we’re all seeing those models around convenience and delivery and doing things not necessarily involving humans is not just doable, but desirable,” he said; CTBC operates in the U.S. like a community bank with 13 branches in California, New Jersey and New York; “The labels might be the same as if you were doing a traditional product, but the steps involved are completely digital. And the science around data management and the targeting of those are very different,” he said. Business Insider

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