Two Interesting Videos About P2P Lending

This video from Fox Business came out yesterday. It is an interview with Brendan Ross, the registered investment advisor who we profiled on the blog last year and whose new small business fund I wrote about just last month. It is a good introductory video on p2p lending. If you can’t see it below then you can watch it here.

The second video is something completely different. It is by Rachel Botsman who often writes about collaborative consumption. It is a light hearted look at p2p lending in Australia where it explains the concept in a slapstick kind of way. The video is below or you can watch it on Youtube here.

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Brendan Ross
Jun. 7, 2013 11:20 am

Thanks for the link to my Willis Report segment. Though I have to say, Rachel Botsman is a lot more entertaining than I was! I need to visit Australia. Never mind the Opera House or the Outback…I’ll just be in my hotel room watching Australia TV.

Jun. 11, 2013 8:55 pm

Very good videos on both counts.
Brendan Ross did an excellent job explaining succinctly the P2P model of lending, and exposing people to a market that they might not have been aware of.
The Australian video was also quite entertaining, and explained the topic in a humorous method.
As this market is growing by leaps and bounds, surely the P2P, as well as P2B lending fields will be more dominated by individuals as time goes on, based on the past records, returns, and growth.