TikTok Emerges as Efficient Acquisition Channel for Tally

Fintech startup Tally has started to see big success in advertising on TikTok which has allowed the company to more efficiently acquire customers; the cost to get a user to download the Tally app is 300% cheaper when running ads on TikTok versus Instagram, the company said; “When we started to talk about testing out TikTok, it was a lot of people saying, ‘Isn’t that just for kids?'” said Nick Weinberg, a Senior Paid Acquisitions Manager at Tally, to Business Insider. “What we found from this campaign, and anecdotally, is there are a tremendous amount of adults on this platform.”; Tally is amongst a small group of fintech startups using the platform as they try to appeal to younger customers where they spend their time. Business Insider

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