TikTok Could Soon Make its Way to Fintech

TikTok has fast become one of the most popular apps in the world and is said to be valued at almost $80bn; very few fintech firms have been active on the platform, though that could start to change with the app’s growing user base which is young; with such high user numbers and engagement the platform could soon become a tool for fintechs to reach customers; Tristan Thomas, Head of Marketing at Monzo said to AltFi, “We’re not currently using TikTok but are always thinking about the best ways for us to communicate with our customers. I’m keen we don’t just jump on new things for the sake of it, but instead have a good understanding of how it’s useful for customers. It’s then authentic and real, rather than feeling fake.”; financial firms of all stripes continue to think through new ways to engage users and TikTok could soon become a platform of choice over the next few years. Altfi

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