The Top 5 Banking as a Service Providers in the UK

Banking as a service is one of the hottest trends in fintech today with fintechs, service providers and banks all getting into the game to provide various banking services; AltFi takes a look at the UK’s banking as a service market and the top 5 companies providing the technology; Thought Machine, Starling Bank, Bankable, 11:FS Foundry and ClearBank comprise the list; all the companies have a range of clients from all across Europe showing the strength and depth of the market; each company comes at BaasS from a different perspective with Thought Machine’s focus on core banking; Starling Bank starting with API based payment rails and moving towards current accounts; Bankable started with payments and has moved into virtual ledgers, current accounts, etc.; 11:FS Foundry started as a consultancy but has since added current accounts, lending and wealth management; ClearBank who started as a clearing bank but has since added core banking. Altfi

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