The CoinDesk 50 Features the Most Innovative Blockchain & DeFi Projects

CoinDesk is releasing their 2020 version of the CoinDesk 50, the most innovative, consequential and viable projects in the blockchain & DeFi market; the release starts with the top 10: Binance, Ethereum, Fidelity, Libra, Square Crypto, Cosmos, Coinbase, ConsenSys, IBM and Chainalysis; the full list will be released by CoinDesk’s Consensus: Distributed virtual event next week; with the pandemic causing great harm to many businesses these projects are hoping to create a fairer financial system that is not as reliant on large institutions and governments; the market has gone through a number of phases in recent years but many of the companies featured have reached a level of maturity and proved the market is here to stay for the long term. Coindesk

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