TD Bank’s Singapore Office Helped Prepare the Bank for Crisis

TD Bank’s Singapore office gave the the bank a preview on what was coming to their other locations and allowed them to better prepare; TD Bank Group Head of Innovation Michael Rhodes sat down with American Banker’s Penny Crosman to discuss the various issues they bank had to work through in order to still operate during the pandemic; the bank upped their capacity for remote access from about 20,000 to more than 100,000; they focused initial priorities on safety of colleagues, customers and communities, secure and stable operations and delivering new capabilities within the current environment; cybersecurity was one of the biggest potential threats to the bank, especially for customers as they might not be accustomed to banking in a different way; the company increased their infrastructure to allow for three times more capacity in mobile deposits; war rooms were set up to allow for fast decision making across the various business lines that need to adjust in real time; TD still has some branches open but with limited hours and density, they also announced no job losses related to the crisis. American Banker

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