Starling Bank Thrives During the Crisis

In part two of AltFi’s interview with Starling Bank CEO Anne Boden she discussed how the bank is thriving through the crisis and how social distancing has brought the company closer together; the company initially announced furloughs due to the lack of training but they devised a new program to ensure the staff got the adequate training to stay on; Starling has managed to launch a few new products since going into isolation but Boden does not like shouting about their success; “We’re doing really well. It’s horrible to say because we are going through a horrible time, and many many people are suffering, with health problems and emotional problems and money problems.”; the ask Anne sessions they have three times a week has helped bring employees closer together; “We are really engaged, delivering lots of new products and being very efficient with lots of new customers signing up. This means that morale is very high and we are energized by this. And when you’re successful, it creates more success.” Altfi

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