SigFig Struggles to Find their Pathway to the Future

When SigFig first launched they were one of the only companies disrupting the wealth management space and were seen as revolutionary; in the last year the company has seen a bunch of executives leave including former heads of wealth management and strategic partnerships; Business Insider says they have spoken with several former employees who say the company is struggling to compete in the cutthroat world of digital wealth; the space has seen a big spike in competition in recent years as well as traditional firms offering better digital tools; while the company did say they laid off a number of workers they are also hiring for more than 20 rollers; SigFig relies on big partnerships as they have a small footprint in their direct to consumer business; the company and the overall space could soon be nearing an inflection point where only the top few survive, though only time will tell how this all plays out. Business Insider

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