Robinhood Hopes to Replicate Success in UK as they Eye Launch

Robinhood has become one of the hottest fintech companies on the planet which has helped them to amass a valuation of more than $7bn; the company has more than 10 million users and is hoping to replicate their U.S. success in the UK as they plan launch early this year; the UK market has already had disruption in the free trading space with Revolut, FreeTrade and Trading212; analysts wonder if the UK is as ripe for the Robinhood offering at the U.S. was at the time they launched; “Now that commissions are at zero the e-brokers are looking to monetise their client assets by offering new products and services,” said Rich Repetto, an Analyst at Sandler O’Neill, to the FT. “That’s the big challenge now.”; the company hopes their mix of viral marketing and core focus on millennials can help them succeed in the same way it did in the U.S. market. Financial Times

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