Reg CF Turns 4, Has Helped Companies Raise $367 Million

This past week Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) turned four years old and Crowdfund Insider shares where this underutilized form of funding stands today; on May 16, 2016 the final rules for Reg CF were released by the SEC; since then 1,500 companies have raised over $367 million in equity capital and the numbers are growing; in the past year $138 million was raised from 265,000 investors with 80% of the investors being non-accredited; companies may raise up to $1.07 million in Reg CF offerings although there is talk of raising that cap to $5 million; while there have been company failures there have been no reports of fraud to date; in the next year it is expected that more than 400,000 Americans will invest more than $250 million into startups and small businesses across the United States. CrowdFund Insider

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