Receipts Begin to Get a Makeover

Almost all parts of the payments process have been going through a drastic change in recent years but the receipt has yet to get a makeover; even when receipts are emailed it is typically a photo of the paper receipt; there are some startups looking to change how the receipt reaches customers and what those pieces of information can mean for businesses; Receipt Bank and Sensibill are two startups helping extract data directly from receipts and linking them to bank accounts; Flux is looking to remake the receipt into a digitally itemized list; getting insight into both parties would be very valuable as most times a customer can see they spent money at the store but unless they have a paper receipt with all items they are at a loss for details; stores can keep track of what items are being sold but have very little information on who is buying the goods; the other piece of the receipts puzzle is will customers be willing to provide emails if they fear stores will try to sell them more or sell their data; changing receipts is not as easy at it might sound but there are some startups eager to make them better. Financial Times

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