Psychologist Shares Why Customers are Loyal to Old Institutions and What New Entrants Can Do to Attract Customers

Consumers have plenty of options when it comes to financial services; despite the success of fintechs around the industry, some customers are unwilling to jump ship; many people are comfortable with the brands they trust giving them a sense of control; one of the ways that some startups have eliminated barriers is instead of taking a direct to consumer approach they take a partnership approach; SigFig is an example of a company which has pivoted, providing a white-label solution for wealth managers; others have implemented incentives in order to build their customer base; JPMorgan’s You Invest and E-Trade both offer cash incentives but they aren’t the only ones; Business Insider shares more perspectives from Patrick Perkins, a psychologist and managing director at Goldman Sachs; Perkins’ training and guidance has recently been implemented into the strategy of Marcus. Business Insider

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