Prosper Releases Prosper Invest Mobile App

Back in June 2016, Prosper released a new modern look for their website. Since then, the company has changed little from the individual investor experience perspective. Earlier this summer, Prosper also officially retired their ‘classic view’ which some longtime Prosper investors still preferred.

Now the company has released the Prosper Invest mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices to match their website experience. The below screenshots were provided by Prosper which show the investor experience.

The app features are as expected though it is interesting that Prosper is still focusing on the peer to peer lending aspect of the platform by seeing how each investment impacts someone’s life. The “My Impact” feature, shown above allows investors to see how their investments are allocated to those across the country. It also includes stories from Prosper customers who share their positive experience.

As part of the Prosper Invest mobile app users are able to:

  • Set up, review, and adjust target portfolio allocations using the Prosper Auto Invest tool
  • Add cash to a Prosper investment account in one-time, weekly or monthly increments
  • Monitor and manage portfolio performance, as well as see historical return information for the Prosper portfolio

While this won’t be a game changer for Prosper it is good to see them putting some effort into supporting their individual investors.

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E. Carter
E. Carter
Sep. 11, 2019 10:56 pm

What a load of crap. I’m not a huge investor, with only about $20k put into the platform, but I’m slowly removing it all.

They removed the working, useful classic view, to leave a snarky message that they’re “working on building a new experience”. As of September 12, 2019, that’s still there. There’s no equivalent functionality for an overview; about 3/4 of the information is gone, with only the long list of your notes available. Sure, you could use something third party, but, just the sheer disregard for investors is staggering.

The mobile app doesn’t even remotely have the same utility. “Some” longtime Prosper investors didn’t “prefer” it. Most did. It was also used internally by Prosper’s own support.

After the misreporting of returns and other shady actions, this really was the final straw for most of us.