Phishing Scams Jump More Than 600 Percent

With more than 75 million people now working from home the fraudsters have ramped up their phishing attacks with a 667 percent rise in February alone according to Barracuda Networks; “This is all fear driven,” said Fleming Shi, CTO at Barracuda Networks, to American Banker. “People are scared or learning about the truth every day on the news, and the bad guys are weaponizing it. They see it as an opportunity.”; the typical scam involves an email asking for people to fund fake charities or companies developing vaccines; attacks are even as specific as asking for a ransom or else the person will come and infect you with coronavirus; banks are also reporting a 15 percent increase in attacks related to the crisis, though banks self report so there is a possibility that the problem could be worse; people working at home could be the biggest threat, especially as the stress from the crisis increases and people less focused as a result. American Banker

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