PeerIQ Newsletter: LendingClub Earnings; PayPal Resilient to COVID-19; Square 4x Reserve Build

PeerIQ provides their perspective on the jobs report from last week which they believe pegs true unemployment in the 18-20% range when accounting for recent jobless claims, reduction in hours, and reduction in job seeking activity; recently PeerIQ shared their perspective that in this recession consumers would be more resilient compared to 2008; GS economists have provided their own research that showed personal income will be higher in 2020 (~9%) which is due to the fiscal response; these economists are also assuming that there will be a phase 4 package of around $550 billion; in their latest newsletter, PeerIQ also shares their view on Charles Schwab taking on Robinhood with fractional shares, LendingClub’s earnings and how PayPal is hitting new records during the crisis. PeerIQ

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