PayPal Could Come Out of the Crisis in a Position of Strength

Payments companies around the globe have been issuing warnings that their businesses will take a big hit in the coming quarters; PayPal was one of the first companies to say they would be impacted by the crisis and they could end up coming out as one of the strongest companies in the space; “Despite having enormous volumes of well over $700 billion, the overall total addressable market for PayPal may top $110 trillion,” said Macquarie Analyst Dan Dolev to Forbes. “For eCommerce (coronavirus) is going to be less of a shock. Over the long term, PayPal emerges as a winner as people use it more often.”; other companies will feel a bigger hit with restaurants and malls closed for the foreseeable future; even Mastercard and Visa will see a big impact over the short term, though both companies say the long term outlook remains strong. Forbes

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