PayPal Continues to See Success with Venmo

Venmo continues to pay dividends for PayPal with the p2p payments app growing payments volume by 56 percent in the 4th quarter and to $102bn for 2019; PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said the partnership with Synchrony was one of the big drivers for the app and they also inked an exclusive deal with Visa for the Venmo credit card; Venmo has also doubled down on their rewards programs with select merchants as rewards are deposited directly into user accounts; “Last year, we saw brands like Netflix, Pepsi and Chipotle use Venmo payouts to reward their customers and pay them via Venmo. We are excited to introduce new monetizable value-added services to our Venmo platform over the course of 2020,” said Schulman according to Forbes; for 2020 the company intends to focus on Pay with Venmo which will let users pay for goods and services through Venmo accounts. Forbes

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