Online Lenders Face First Real Test

Online lenders are about to face their biggest test and many are trying to balance how they keep up with increased demand; lenders have to think about offering temporary relief to current borrowers and be careful to not let their credit standard slip with more people going on unemployment; some lenders have started to tighten standards as they anticipate we are headed for some sort of a recession and they need to protect their companies and investors; online lenders like Prosper, LendingClub, SoFi and Avant have all started to make adjustments as the crisis became more apparent; some even talked about running different stress test scenarios over the last few years to better prepare the company for a downturn; this will be the first real test many of these companies face and it could help show the resiliency of the industry if some of the top companies perform well in this time of high stress. American Banker

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