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According to KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech report fintech investment increased for the third straight quarter to $5.8bn; the big driver behind this is banks continue to increase their investments and partnerships with fintech firms; “You’re seeing more partnerships because there is more interest on both sides in collaborating, and bringing two different sets of values to the table,” said Luis Valdich, managing director of venture investing at Citi Ventures, to American Banker; banks have been keen to focus on news technologies like artificial intelligence, advanced analytics tools and blockchain. Source.

Nine new startups spanning blockchain and digital currency are now a part of the FCA's regulatory sandbox; companies added are Billon, BitX, Epiphyte, Govcoin Limited, Otonomos, Nivaura, SETL, Tradle and Tramonex; FCA executive director of strategy and competition, Christopher Woolard, stated, "It has been an intense process for both firms and ourselves and we are grateful for their cooperation and hard work in getting us all to this position. We look forward to these businesses bringing new products and services to market whilst we ensure that appropriate consumer protection safeguards are in place." Source

Parasail Health has built a lending platform to support loans for healthcare expenses; firm has partnered with healthcare companies to provide alternative payment options for healthcare needs; Parasail currently has contracts with over 700 providers and has built integration capabilities for approximately 15 channel partners; offers loans and simplified payment processing for a range of healthcare expenses.  Source

Jack Henry & Associates banking division recently signed up their seventh community bank in as many months; the banks have contracted the company to use their Windows-based banking platform; Jack Briner, president and CEO California International Bank, tells Banking Technology: “When evaluating core providers, we could tell that Jack Henry & Associates would be the best partner for our bank. The advanced technology and forward momentum that Jack Henry Banking provides will give our bank the integrated and robust capabilities needed to get ahead.” Source.

In the FT’s big read they take an in-depth look at the boom of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the potential bubble they are causing; ICOs have thus far raised over $1.8bn worldwide and have shown no signs of slowing; the bigger question is will international financial regulators clamp down to kill the market or provide it more structure. Source

OnDeck has obtained a $200 million revolving credit facility from Credit Suisse; $125 million of the funding will be available while the remaining $75 million will be provided at the lender's discretion; loans will be made to Prime OnDeck Receivable Trust II, LLC (Port II), financing Port II's purchase of OnDeck loans for collateral; firm says it will use a portion of the funds to prepay its $100 million Prime OnDeck Receivable Trust, LLC facility.  Source