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Even Financial has been rapidly growing its business, now reporting over $1.5 billion in loan requests through its technology offerings; firm says loan originations from its services have been growing at a quarterly rate of 205%; the growth has been the result of increased interest in its offerings and expanding partnerships with lending businesses; firm provides technology for publishers seeking to build online solutions that compare lenders; it also offers its technology services to merchants for helping their clients identify the best financing options for purchases.  Source


The P2PFA has added Folk2Folk expanding its membership to nine; Folk2Folk is the only P2P lender in the UK to offer regional branch offices for customers to meet with representatives; the lending platform was authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority in December 2016; it is a secured property small business lender and has lent a total of approximately £134 million ($167.28 million) to small businesses.  Source

Fintech solutions are rapidly evolving and their growth appears to be creating increased market opportunities for innovative fraud; the frictionless payments market specifically has reported a spike in digital financial crime as money launderers find new and innovative ways to steal identities and develop synthetic profiles; the Financial Times also reports on the use of e-commerce for new types of fraudulent activity, noting that criminals can use fraudulent transaction platforms to setup inexpensive e-commerce sites that elicit funds from internet shoppers; with innovative fraud solutions growing fast, the costs of monitoring and mitigating fraudulent activity are becoming an even greater factor for fintech companies.  Source

Sunlight Financial has gained a $130 million investment from Route 66 Ventures for expansion of its residential solar systems lending business; the firm plans to develop new financing products, expand its Charlotte business center and partner with more solar installers; the firm is currently a trusted provider for a network of solar installation companies and offers its credit products through an easy to use online platform.  Source