New Study Says Midsize Banks Should be Using More Email

A new study by J.D. Power says midsize banks should be using email a lot more when communicating with customers; “These younger customers really do want more communication from the bank. They’re telling us they’re not as satisfied with the frequency of advice or proactive contact from their bank,” Paul McAdam, J.D. Power’s Senior Director of Banking Intelligence, said to American Banker. “When we ask people their preferred method of communication, email in particular is underutilized, particularly for the midsize banks.”; customers have also started to notice the tools their bank is missing when it comes to digital; the study found that customers who visited a branch had a higher satisfaction rate and those who added a service like Venmo or Zelle also had higher satisfaction rates; tailored email communication about new products could go a long way for midsize banks as they try to fight off the growing influence of big banks with better digital tools. American Banker

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