New Section on the Forum for P2P Statistics Sites

For the last several weeks I have been doing reviews of the many new statistics sites that are now available for investors. A couple of readers have requested a place where they can go to discuss these sites.

So, this morning I added a bunch of new categories on the Lend Academy forum for all the most popular statistics sites. Many of these sites have already been reviewed and I encourage you to head on over there and start a discussion.

There are now discussion boards for the following sites:

  • Interest Radar
  • Lendstats
  • Nickel Steamroller
  • NumberWhale
  • P2P Analytics
  • PeerCube
  • Prosper Stats

There are many investors now using the forum on a regular basis to discuss p2p lending. So, if you haven’t registered yet then I encourage you to do so.

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