New Report Says 27 Percent of People are in Control of their Finances

A new survey by N26 found that 27 percent of people around the world feel in control of their finances; 75 percent of Americans have negative feelings about their finances with 46 percent feeling worried and 39 percent nervous; Americans are saving more than their European counterparts with U.S. users saving $220 per month and EU users saving $192 per month; Nicolas Kopp, US CEO of N26, said to AltFi: “We found that there is a lot of confusion, frustration and anxiety around personal finances and that people are looking for more simplicity, transparency and trust when it comes to banking.”; the report also found discretionary spending dropped, ordering dinner out for example has dropped from 48 percent to 12 percent and spending on outdoor entertainment dropped from 35 percent to 7 percent. Altfi

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