National Overdraft Plan Would Help More than Current Stimulus

Economist Arnold Kling proposed a national overdraft plan as an alternative to the current stimulus bill; every bank account would have a line of credit added at low interest based on the previous two months deposit activity; this would give people a real lifeline and keep the amount of defaults to lenders significantly lower than the current relief checks; Kling writes in the WSJ, “People and businesses that need to draw on the credit line can do so…[those] with no need for it will not use it.”; this idea would get money to those who need it quickly, younger consumers, women and people who are not working due to the crisis; the program would need to have some safeguards in place to ensure people use the money for the right reasons; Citizens Bank of Edmond is already piloting this idea with their customers and as Ron Shevlin of Cornerstone Advisors points out other banks could also act now. Forbes

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