More Fintech M&A, Financings and Credit Card Delinquency Rates

In this week’s PeerIQ Industry Update they cover the growing turmoil in the markets due to the spread of coronavirus and if we are headed towards a recession; the M&A markets continues to be healthy with the Intuit acquisition of Credit Karma for $7bn; JPMorgan Chase also indicated they were looking for a large non-depository acquisition that would look very similar to their recent deals for InstaMed and WePay; along with a hot M&A market there is continued momentum on big financing rounds for challenger banks with Revolut closing a $500mn round led by TCV; in their chart of the week PeerIQ looks at the credit card delinquency rates of all banks versus small community banks; the community banks are reaching for yield but are taking on greater risk to do so. Peer IQ

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