Max Levchin Shares Views on Current Point of Sale Finance Market

Max Levchin spoke with CNBC and provided some updates on the company; he believes the government has been under-hyped when it comes to supporting consumers; Affirm has been working on better understanding their customers during this time; One of the benefits is they have 8 years of history with their customers; the company has never charged late fees during that time which this has resulted in a lot of goodwill for the 5.5 million Americans that Affirm touches; they have seen a massive shift from offline to online, with demand up 300 or 400% in some categories; some areas which have seen triple digital increases are home fitness and home office; Affirm is using this information to help them determine areas which are crisis resilient; they are also looking at how the stimulus is playing a factor and other ways consumers are changing spending habits; he also shares how they think about their balance sheet in this YouTube video. Youtube

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