Marqeta Sees Surge in Product Usage and is on Hiring Spree

While most companies are trying to conserve cash and figure out how they can make it to the other side, Marqeta is seeing a surge for their products; in particular the on-demand delivery clients Marqeta works with have seen a huge surge in demand; “They’ve become absolutely essential services, and Marqeta has become essential infrastructure,” Jason Gardner, founder and CEO of Marqeta told Business Insider; Marqeta has hired 50 people entirely remotely since the coronavirus lockdown began in March, they now have about 420 employees, the fintech plans to grow to 500 people by the end of this year; the company has plenty of capital on their balance sheet and could look at acquisitions if the parameters were right; “We have years of cash in the bank,” said Gardner to Business Insider. “If we decided we’re going to do it, it’s because we want to use that capital to build faster.” Business Insider

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