Lots Happening Here at the Social Lending Network

April has been a really busy month for me. I have just finished recording a brand new version of the P2P Lending Wealth System. This is my online video course covering all aspects of peer to peer lending that I first released late last year. In version 2.0 every video has been re-recorded and I have added some brand new content as well.

Free Short P2P Lending Video Course

At the same time I have created a free short video course. The free course will be three short (10-15 minute) videos that introduce new investors to p2p lending and provides some guidance on the best way to get started.

The videos are designed for viewing in sequence as they build on each other, so you will only be able to view them by registering your email address. Then links to each video will be emailed over the course of a week or so. In these videos I cover the main questions that new investors have when starting out at Lending Club or Prosper.

A Site Redesign

Finally, the Social Lending Network is getting a makeover. Late tonight I will be installing a new design that will make the site easier to navigate, particularly for new visitors. If all goes well, by early Friday morning you will see the new look.

Next week I intend to launch the free short video course and then version 2.0 of the P2P Lending Wealth System will be available the following week.

Stay tuned.

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Investor Junkie
Apr. 26, 2012 9:25 pm

Congrats and good luck on the new product!

Apr. 27, 2012 5:35 am

Site redesign gives a much ‘cleaner’ look.