Level Launches Banking App into Crowded Market

The digital banking market continues to get more crowded by the day with Level launching a banking app that features 1 percent cash back on debit purchases and 2.1 percent APY on deposits; the company also allows for early access to your paycheck, no monthly overdraft or foreign transaction fees and add-on ATM fees; Level is targeting a lot of the same customers as other challenger banks as they race heats up to provide the best experience, especially for younger consumers; “Level was built to challenge the status quo in banking and put an end to the era of big banks holding people’s money while giving them no interest, a clunky app experience, and frustrating customer service,” said Level Founder and CEO Bryce Galen, in a statement according to TechCrunch; the company believes their offering will be a game changer with customers changing their primary account to level. Tech Crunch

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