Lend Academy Receives a Makeover


It has been almost three years since Lend Academy has received a visual makeover. And to be honest, the site still looked very similar to when I launched it back in 2010.

Needless to say, it was overdue for a redesign. And while a makeover has been on my to-do list for over a year now, the final push came when I received an email from Google a couple of months ago telling me that we needed to fix the mobile usability issues they found.

The problem was that Lend Academy did not have a responsive design and therefore did not look that great on a mobile device. So, we have implemented a new theme that looks great on all devices. If you are reading this in your browser go ahead and resize the window now or fire up LendAcademy.com on your phone.

The design you see here is just Phase 1 in what will be a major overhaul of LendAcademy.com this year. Phase 2 will add many new features and will make Lend Academy much more of a 21st century news and information site.

Let me know what you think of our new design. I would love to get feedback whether you love it, hate it or are indifferent.

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Glenn Hodgeman
May. 28, 2015 11:15 pm

Peter the site really looks great now, congrats. Glenn

Mr X
Mr X
May. 28, 2015 11:23 pm

Looks cute

Susan Johnston
May. 29, 2015 2:43 pm

I’m a newer reader of your site, but I like the design right off the bat. Easy to navigate, with a simple yet visually pleasing aesthetic. The mobile friendly set up is a big big plus for me too, as I read a lot while taking the train to and from my job. Keep up the good work!