Lend Academy Investments Merges with Nickel Steamroller to Create NSR Invest

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I first chatted with Michael Phillips, the founder of NickelSteamroller.com back in 2011. He talked about wanting to create a resource site for investors that would allow anyone to easily analyze the loan history of Lending Club. NickelSteamroller.com was born and I became one of its biggest fans.

Michael joined up with Rocco Galgano, the creator of Prosper-Stats.com, in 2013 and together they have made NSR (as it has become known) into the industry’s number one resource and analytics site for Lending Club and Prosper investors. They also created the first third party order management system in the industry – something that I have been using for my P2P lending investments since 2012.

For years Michael and I have talked about combining our efforts in some way but we didn’t get serious until after LendIt last year, when both the Lend Academy Investments and Nickel Steamroller teams all met in person for the first time. Last month we closed on a deal that merged these two companies.

Introducing NSR Invest

The merger of Lend Academy Investments and Nickel Steamroller has created NSR Invest. We feel that this merger will create a stronger company and one that provides a more complete set of services for all P2P lending investors, with a definite emphasis on the retail investor.

NSR Invest will offer products for three different kinds of clients:

  1. Full-service managed accounts for individuals and their financial advisors
    1. Conservative, Balanced and Assertive investment strategies with low fees and solid returns.
    2. An Advisor Portal for investment advisors who need visibility into many client accounts at once.
    3. Full API integration with Prosper, Lending Club and Funding Circle.
    4. Strong reporting and analytics.
  2. An investment fund for accredited investors with both consumer and small business credit investments.
    1. This is an excellent investment opportunity for accredited investors, especially those who live in p2p-unfriendly states.
  3. An order management system and SaaS-based reporting platform for institutional investors.

NickelSteamroller.com is Now NSRPlatform.com

If you type Nickelsteamroller.com into your browser today you will notice that it now forwards to NSRPlatform.com. This is the new home for the great site that many of us have grown to depend on. All the same functionality is there and all registered users have been migrated over to NSR Platform.

What has changed in this, the third iteration of the Nickel Steamroller software, is new functionality targeted at investment advisors.

A Renewed Focus on the Retail Investor

It is not news to regular readers that institutional investors have come to dominate this industry. But when you speak with the CEOs of both Lending Club and Prosper they maintain that the retail investor has high importance.

The challenge has been that many retail investors are not do-it-yourselfers. They want someone else to help them manage their investment. This particularly applies to the huge investor population that uses financial advisors. So NSR now provides functionality that enables investment advisors to easily manage the P2P lending investments of multiple clients.

A Solid Team

The CEO of this new company will be my good friend and partner, Bo Brustkern. Michael Phillips will be Chief Architect, Rocco Galgano will be Chief Engineer and my other Lend Academy partner, Jason Jones, will be the Head of Corporate Development. I will not have a role in the day-to-day operations of NSR Invest; I will have more of an advisory role.

Even though I will not be actively involved in the operations of NSR Invest I will be paying very close attention and helping out wherever I can. I am excited about this new merger and I think it really is a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

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Simon Cunningham
Apr. 7, 2015 10:51 am

This is great. The new site looks awesome too. Huge congrats to everybody involved. As a long time user of NSR and a fan of Michael and Rocco’s amazing work, this seems a natural fit. I’m eager to see the good things that are certain to come through this new team.

Bo Brustkern
Apr. 7, 2015 1:15 pm

Thank you Simon. It is indeed a natural fit!

Peter Somerville
Apr. 7, 2015 11:19 am

Congrats to the whole team!

Bo Brustkern
Apr. 7, 2015 1:16 pm

Thank you Peter, and congrats to you as well! Amazing what you have accomplished in the year since LendIt 2014. See you next week!

Hrant Antreasyan
Hrant Antreasyan
Apr. 7, 2015 11:32 am

Wanted to say bravo to all involved to merge synergistically to promote this investment space, and returns for the retail investor, and other entities unselfishly.
Also for incorporating a team that is second to none in its abilities, passion, and perseverance, and results as I have met, or followed each of them to varying degrees.
Each one of them are pioneers in this space, and am certain will excel and grow, thru a results oriented future for all.
Looking to meet all at the LendIt conference.
Congratulations and Go team!

Bo Brustkern
Apr. 7, 2015 1:17 pm

Hrant: you get the award for the most ebullient supporter of Lend Academy Investments (and now NSR Invest)! I am delighted to know you, and to have your strong support.

Hrant Antreasyan
Hrant Antreasyan
Apr. 7, 2015 8:14 pm
Reply to  Bo Brustkern

As I had met Peter Renton initially eons ago in P2P lending terms, (few years to be exact at a meetup in NYC:)), and we found out that we have both been investors in this field since 2009, his sincerity, willingness to share, devotion to teach, and all other positive attributes made me gravitate towards him, then to his co-founders of the LendIt conference, and always hoping that he would also start a fund, which he did with his partners, a couple of fine gents, whom I am sure you and I can very speak highly of:), and I have jumped in the fund, and anticipate very good things going forward.
Peter, Bo, Jason, Summer, Michael, and Rocco, and counting are going no where but up. Everyone should look into this space to invest with this fine organization, which I did thru, after investing in another small hedge fund prior, with a similarly impeccable credentialed person, who is also growing in this field, making us all very proud! Hope to see you soon too Brendan:)
By the way Bo, thank you for the complimentary words, and yes, I am very loyal, and do believe in the people I invest thru, and am there for them as well.
Keep up the great work!

Bo Brustkern
Apr. 8, 2015 10:15 am

We’ll do our best, Hrant!

Bo Brustkern
Apr. 7, 2015 1:14 pm

We have been overwhelmed with positive responses to today’s announcement. It is so very gratifying to be making an impact in this industry, and I am thankful for everyone’s support. I am honored to be working side-by-side with Michael, Rocco, Summer and the whole team. It’s been an amazing experience bringing it all together, and now the fun really begins! Onward!

Jim Giunchi
Jim Giunchi
Apr. 7, 2015 6:03 pm

Wow congrats guys!! Really cool. I wish I was going to the conference. I hope to be there next year. Talk soon.

Bo Brustkern
Apr. 8, 2015 10:14 am
Reply to  Jim Giunchi

Thank you Jim! Great to see you here 🙂

Sarfaraz Sadruddin
Apr. 7, 2015 6:28 pm

Fantastic news! Congratulations!

Bo Brustkern
Apr. 8, 2015 10:14 am

Thank you Sarfaraz!

Apr. 10, 2015 1:26 pm

Congrats to all involved!

Bo Brustkern
Apr. 10, 2015 2:23 pm
Reply to  Prescott

Thank you Prescott! See you at LendIt!