HSBC Allows Customers to use iMessage

HSBC announced Apple Business Chat was added to their suite of customer service channels; companies and their customers can use iMessage to interact with the bank, so long as they are using iOS 11.3 or higher; the bank did a quiet launch back in late April and saw adoption double every few weeks; about 70 percent of HSBC customers use Apple products; the service does not tie the customer to a session at a specific time, customers are able to keep the thread open over time; “You can come in and out of the conversation if you choose to keep that thread open,” said Katie Jenkins, Head of Direct Banking at HSBC Bank USA, to American banker. “You’ve always got that direct line to your banker.”; the messaging service is also beneficial to the bankers as the history will allow them to see prior questions and answers which can make the experience more efficient. American Banker