How Libra was a Wake Up Call for Central Banks

There was a lot of talk surrounding Facebook’s launch of Libra last year with varying opinions on if the company could succeed or be allowed to succeed; one thing the project did do was begin to change the way central banks were thinking about innovation; Agustín Carstens, Head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), tells the FT, “events like Libra have been a wake-up call for central banks. We central bankers were in a comfort zone, but Libra showed we needed to change. So, there has been a lot of consulting and debate with Facebook, and ourselves.”; Facebook has been coy in explaining all the details of their new project but have consistently said they want to work is a conscientious way with regulators; at the very least Libra has succeeded in changing the conversation within finance and getting some of the top regulators to start thinking about the future. Financial Times

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