How Fintechs are Helping to Streamline the PPP Applications

The Paycheck Protection Program has had its fair share of issues with government bureaucracy and favoritism by big banks to big customers; while fintech lenders have slowly been approved there has been a group of fintech service providers working to streamline applications for all lenders; “There seems to be a pain point in every step of the way,” said Ethan Schwarzbach, Head of Business development for Ocrolus, to Business Insider. “And that’s not to criticize anything, it’s more just the way things are. When you have to spin up a program like this so quickly and with such an amount of capital and, I would say, lack of guidance, that’s a big problem.”; data has been a key sticking point throughout the process as it has forced potential borrowers to track down all sorts of documents to verify information; firms like Plaid, Ocrolus, PayNet and others are helping ease the pain for lenders and borrowers alike as more tranches could be coming after round two finishes. Business Insider

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