GoFundMe Sees Big Demand as People Try to Crowdfund Through the Crisis

Crowdfunding site GoFundMe saw a 60 percent rise in campaigns over a four day period from March 20 to March 24; many of the campaigns are barely getting off the ground as it takes a lot of marketing and promotion; “It is a hard road with GoFundMe,” said Colt Taylor, a small restaurant owner in Connecticut, to the New York Times. “It is up to the organizer to market it and get it out there. The struggle I have is that I’m so understaffed and going through all of my own difficulties, I don’t really have time to do that.”; GoFundMe is also trying to do their part as they recently struck a partnership with Yelp and are raising their own mega fund for small businesses; typically about 27 percent of campaigns reach their total funding amount, that number is poised to come down with the influx in campaigns. New York Times