Fresh Takes on the Visa Acquisition of Plaid

Writing his weekly column in Forbes Ron Shevlin of Cornerstone Advisors talks about a few different points of view when looking closely at Visa’s acquisition of Plaid; while most have heralded the acquisition there are many in the market that see some problems with the deal and where Visa might be headed; thinking that this will accelerate open banking in the U.S. is wrong as the real problem with open banking in the U.S. is many competing parties with their own interests; big banks have already woken up to the fintech wave, some even starting shutting Plaid out in recent months and are starting to develop their own data sharing platforms; Shevlin lays out the short term, Visa and Plaid will operate as is; the medium term, Visa will create a revenue share scheme; the long term, Plaid becomes a distribution channel for Visa. Forbes

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