Fintech Products Built for the Privileged

Even CEO and Co-Founder Jon Schlossberg writes in Forbes that most fintech products being built are for users who are better off financially than the average American; many products being built start with a product for stock investing which the large majority of Americans do not own any stock; most of the founders of startups build products they think are helping those in need of help the most but are sorely lacking the tools these individuals would find most useful; Schlossberg lays out a few ways that companies can better ensure their products help by acknowledging that their is blind spots and asking for help to find the blind spots within a product; when hiring for your company ensure diversity of backgrounds, diversity of ideas and an environment that welcomes both are critical to fintech success; test your product extensively and openly so you can get real world feedback to better fit the product to the core audience you intend to make it for. Forbes

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