Fintech Founders Discuss if Launching During Recession Makes Sense

AltFi asked four fintech executives about launching a company during a recession and three said entrepreneurs should move forward; the founders include Jamie Campbell or Fronted, Liad Shababo of Wollit, Sigut? Kuncevi?i?t? of SumUp and Christian Faes of LendInvest; Jamie Campbell was the one founder who did not say yes, he said maybe and that the current recession should not apply; during a normal recession Campbell believes founders should launch as he tells AltFi, “Usually, a fintech (or any tech company for that matter) should try and launch as soon as they can. Finding product/market fit is arguably more important in a recession than in a booming market – very little excess money sloshing about – and you can’t find it if you don’t launch.”; Christian Faes thinks a recession could make a company better prepared, “I really do believe that tough times breed tough businesses, and so the startups that are launched in the next year are likely to have much less funny money thrown at them, and will likely be pushed harder to build businesses that are real, meaningful and profitable.” Altfi

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