Finix Nabs $35mn Series B Round Led by Sequoia Capital

Payments technology startup Finix has raised a $35mn series B round led by Sequoia Capital; businesses are able to buy a payments stack through Finix so they can manage their payments in house; “You’re starting to see all these vertical SaaS companies and all these software companies bringing their payments in house to turn that into a profit center,” Richie Serna, CEO at Finix, told Business Insider.”And so when we think about our product, it was really about, how do you deconstruct the payment company and rebuild it within a software company?”; companies usually have a couple of choices when it comes to payments, outsource to a provider to process payments for a fee or build an in-house system which can be quite costly; Finix allows companies to get the in-house option at a better price point and allow the company to focus their engineering talent on building products for customers. Business Insider

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