Financial Services Executives React to the Implications of Brexit

The UK has officially left the EU and while most of 2020 will be a transition time fintech and bank executives need to prepare for what the future will hold; some companies had already started preparing for this day by moving some operations and balance sheets to EU countries but a lot is undecided; Banking Technology gathered nine financial services executives to ask what they think and what they got was a mixed bag; Catherine Burkett, CFO, GoCardless, “The priority for UK fintech is passporting our licenses so we can continue trading with the EU without tariffs. We also need to prevent Brexit from damaging our access to talent through immigration.”; Tim Nicolle, group CEO, PrimaDollar, “There is no certainty available as to how the regulatory landscape will evolve post-Brexit. This meant that we had to accelerate our plans to deliver the certification.”; companies are in an interesting stage right now and as the year goes on they hope a framework for moving ahead will begin to take shape as uncertainty is not good for business. Fintech Futures

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